“I can highly recommend these classes whether you are a complete yoga novice (as I was) or have tried it before. The classes are friendly, good humoured and relaxed and yet you always leave with a sense of achievement and well being. Alex is a very knowledgeable teacher who encourages you to go at your own pace and (physical) limitations while also gently helping you to improve and go further as the course progresses. I have benefitted  both physically and mentally. The setting is also fantastic with a great view of the Easton countryside to help calm the mind. A definite highlight of the week.” Jamie G Age 47

“I came to yoga with very little expectations. I have suffered with frequent back pains for most of my adult life and I can say that after a terms worth of lessons my whole body feels so much stronger and flexible. Yoga not only gives me much needed physical exercise but mental calmness too” Chris M age 44

“I’ve been listening to friends go on about the virtues of yoga for years but never thought it would be for me. I spent the last year with a bad knee. Finding it hard to walk and not getting any answers from the medical profession I decided to take control myself and join a yoga class. 
Not knowing what to expect or whether it would help I took my first class with Alex. It’s been an amazing 4 months because I’ve got so much more than I bargained for. Physically my knee is getting stronger every week – in fact all of me is getting stronger every week!
He takes time to explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and the philosophy behind it. Every class I’ve taken has been fun yet challenging.  I’m now in my 3rd term and really look forward to Wednesday evenings. 
I recommend Men do Yoga Too! to anyone who wants to get a fit body, fit mind or just find some balance in their lives. I can honestly say this has brought real joy into my life.”
Matt T age 56

 “I started as a Beginner 6 months ago and am now an Improver (hopefully!), I really notice my own progress which makes the courses feel rewarding. Men Do Yoga Too evening sessions are very rewarding and I always return home with a spring in my step, well that’s what my wife tells me. I have had lower back pain and spasms in recent years, which has affected my cricket and tennis fitness. I believe that the sometimes physical twists, stretches and lunges have strengthened my lower back, which I am very pleased about as I have not had any lower back pain so far this year. I highly recommend Alex’s classes.” Nick F age 58